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Hanson is the provider of bio-material, products of healthcare / aesthetic / skincare and services for the market of hospital, Clinic, Drug Store, healthcare, aesthetic, skincare.

Y.H. Liou founded Hanson Hong Biomedical Co., Ltd. in 1988 as R&D Laboratory. It registered in February 01, 1989 in TaipeiTaiwan.

Our company is in pursuit of attaining excellence quality in our field through our research and development team. And to our customers take full responsibility.

Name of company

Hanson Hong Biomedical Co., Ltd.

Date of establishment



 Mr. Y. H. Liou


 about 25  employee


Major in protein and Stem Cell


 2 factories


 4F NO. 11, Alley 3, Lane 130, Nankan Road, Taipei 115, Taiwan, R.O.C

Tel No.

+(886) 2 27883621

Fax No.

+(886) 2 6536316




http://www.collagen.com.tw http://www.hanson.com.tw


1. Diagnostic reagent

Dual Occult Blood test kit (Patented), AGEs test kit (Patented) ----------.

2. High Purity Soluble Collagen raw material

3. Wound Healing Dressing

    Collagen Gel, Collagen Spray, Collagen Membrane

4. Aesthetic Skincare

No.3 Gel, No.1 ESSENCE, No.2 Lotion, No.7 Facial Mask, ExtraMed Gel, EctraMed Spray, -----.

5. Baldness / Hair Falling Products

HairMed Bald/Hair Spray, HairMed Shampoo

6. Cleansing Product

    Make Up remover (Deep Cleansing Oil) -------.

7. Hydrophilic Aromatic Oil

    Rose, Lavender, Eucalyptus Citriodora, --------- and Ultrasonic Aroma Fogger.

8. Autologous Stem Cell (Patent Pending)

   for storage and organ repair.


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