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41°C Hydrophilic Aroma Oil (Patented)


What is Hydrophilic Aroma Oil?

Ans: The Aroma Oil can be dissolved in water 100%.


What is different from tradition?

Ans: 1. Avoid explosion

        2. avoid inhaling organic gas

        3. Faster evaporation

41°C Aroma oil combined with the water molecules, when water evaporation can be carrying aroma oil into the air. The atomization is more easy and quick than traditional oil.


What we can do for you?

We offer 100 kinds of different hydrophilic aroma oil for your choice, we can supply in bulk or OEM.

Suitable for

1. Aroma therapy

2. Soaking-bath

3. Massage

4. Perfume


Hydrophilic Aroma Oil of


Eucalyptus Citriodora

What is Ultrasonic Aroma Atomizer (Fogger)?

Ans:  The device uses ultrasonic which is able to atomized water into steam.


What is benefits from 41°C Ultrasonic Aroma Atomizer?

Ans: 1. atomized water into steam automatically.

        2. auto stop

        3. samll size, electricity province

        4. the atomization is more rapid than candle and light bulb.

        5. moisture and aroma therapy.
















AF-002 Atomizer 2




AF-001 Atomizer 1


Ultrasonic Aroma



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