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The comparison of different collagen that used in skincare

The melting point of Collagen

Most of the collagens are extracted from animals’ connective tissues, such as skin, tendon or bone, etc. These animals include cows, pigs, fishsalmonand plants. Owing to the differences of extracting methods and sources, the mainly important difference between them is showed as the following table :
The collagen source Fish、Plants Collagen Cows、Pigs Collagen Hanson(Avian Collagen)
Melting Point < 20℃ About 37℃ 41℃



The Purity that used in skincare Cosmetic Grade
Purity is low

Cosmetic Grade
Purity is low

Medical Grade
Purity ≧98%



Type I and III
Infectious Disease for Dead


Mad cow disease and
Foot-and-Mouth disease

The collagen fibrin is stable in dermis layers. Taking one piece of meat with skin and putting it under the temperature 50 , it will contract and become deformed. The collagen fibrin can resist more high temperature; the collagen fibrin is still life in dermis layer. However, the single collagen is unstable and sensitive with temperature, it will denature if the temperature is over their melting point.

The melting point of collagen is as a quality index. The melting point higher is good than lower and have good stability. Their collagens will lose activitydenature and dead when the temperature is over the range of their melting point.for example, the cow is 37℃). The highest of melting point is your right choice for the collagen.

Hanson-Hong Biomedical Company Limited has been working in biotechnology field for over decades and produces many relevant biotechnology products. Knowing biotechnology will be the trend in the future, we used new biological extracting methods to produce Hanson 41 medicinal avian collagen.In the beginning of the producing process, we need to consider product’s effects; and then we must consider the relationship between infectious disease and human skins. Therefore, we don't use infectious animals, such as pigsfoot-and-mouth diseaseand cowsmad cow disease, as the raw materials. Besides, we do not use fish and plants as raw materials because their lower melting point and low skin absorbing ability. We extract the collagen from avian because they do not have the problems mentioned above. It is a world breathtaking work, and we solve consumers’ fears. The ability of avian to infect the contagious disease to human is far much low than cows and pigs and more easy to absorb.



The structure


the Collagen



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